Shamus and Roseanna at Scottish Parliament

Inter-cultural Centre

RAJPOT (Refuge for Allies of Justice and Persons from Oppressed Tribes) is the realisation of polysystemic connections among peoples from indigenous tribes, often with predominantly oral histories. Intended to be the first of several interwoven centres, it will empower indigenous communities to vocalise and disseminate the meaningful and powerful messages that are regularly eschewed and ignored when creative roots and voices are seldom heard.

The project aims to strengthen and consolidate valued relationships across communities; to give resonance to the fecund pool of artistic talent that exists and to add greater visibility to the artistic endeavour of indigenous cultural communities around the world, thereby enabling self-supporting and sustainable measures to translate into viable project outcomes.

As a novel enterprise, the benefit to all will be far-reaching. RAJPOT will assist and foster creative and artistic thought, production and provocation as an expression of the struggle to procure equality and inalienable human rights. It will provide opportunities for artisans and artists humbled and degraded by centuries of subjugation, frequently divorced from the employment arena within their respective territories. It will strive to open access to the global market, in order to ensure that indigenous art can attract the attention of consumers of diverse cultural tastes whilst meeting fair-trade and industry standards.

The role of Art is central to the growth and support of RAJPOT. It will nurture artistic expression in all its forms and deploy a multi-art format to this end, including: Visual Art, Design, Craft, Performance Art (Drama, Music, Film), Literature (Story-telling and Poetry Recital), with the aim of engendering an artistic and cultural legacy that can be accessed in Digital and on-line format, thus enabling audience development and a degree of longevity which will propagate the acquisition of knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

The envisaged RAJPOT Centre in Perthshire, Scotland, shall comprise various chambers: a museum, an auditorium, a conference centre, a shop, a cafeteria, workshop booths for artisans, and an observatory. Outside space will feature a living museum for alternative modes of accommodation common to indigenous groups. The Centre will be encased by a garden of Scottish wild flowers and a traditional outside fireplace will facilitate ceremonial occasions.

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